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Blogging Website

What it takes to rank a blogging website? Quality Content and a strong Seach engine optimization strategy.
That’s what we have offered to one of our clients who wanted our services for a blogging website.

Organic Traffic Skyrocketed In Less Than A Year



American Grocery is a blogging platform for kitchen enthusiasts.

American Grocery, a blogging website that publishes blogs related to kitchen grocery, recipes and food, kitchen gadgets and utensils, and cookware.                                                                            

American Grocery is an open platform where readers come to find insightful and dynamic thinking. Kitchen experts dive into the heart of the kitchen to bring out new ideas.                                 

Over time, the client realized that the website wasn’t creating online visibility nor getting the traffic they were looking for— that’s why they partnered with us. We hooked them with an SEO package that could help them improve ranking and increase traffic.

Campaign Summary


  • Content Optimization

  • Improve User Experience on website

  • Increase total new website visitors

  • Increase Organic Traffic of the website

  • Get higher rankings on search engines


  • Added structured data

  • Expanded Targeted Keywords

  • Targeted short tail keywords

  • Optimized website for mobile

  • Improve the customer experience

  • Optimized content with high search volume keywords

  • Used internal linking strategically for better site architecture

How We Achieved This Milestone

When the client first approached us, their website had only a few keywords in the search rankings. The website visitors were very less and they wanted dramatic uplift in the rankings as well as traffic.                                                                                                                

AB MEDIA TEAM was handed the challenge of improving its rankings and increasing qualified traffic. We used an integrated SEO campaign to improve rankings, traffic, and online presence. The campaign led to more keywords in the rankings and an increase in the number of organic traffic.


Delivering Result That Matters

Increase In Keywords Ranking


Steep increase in the most keyword rankings.

Increase In Qualified Organic Traffic


Sustainable growth in qualified organic traffic.

Increase In Total New Website Visitors


Witnessed increase in direct website visitors.


asset 31.png


Clients:  Pierpoint Mortgage

Organic Search Improved:  133.53%

Year: 2015

With one of the longest mortgage industry histories, PierPoint Mortgage has been in business for over half a century.

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