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Who We Are?

As a holistic internet marketing and online reputation management service provider, AB MEDIA TEAM thrives to help businesses expand their digital footprint and establish a positive brand image.

We know that whether you own a startup or an established business, the challenge is the same and that is to find the proper balance in your reputation marketing and business expansion strategy. This is when you need us! We don’t adhere to a fixed methodology when it comes to online branding.

Our team conducts extensive research to identify your company’s strengths, ideal customers, customer pain points, and more in order to direct the right audience to your business and ensure you’re their first choice. In the long run, our strategies will increase your revenue!

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Our Vision

Our vision centers around being a renowned thought leader in the field of Online Reputation Management. Our team aims to be providers of exemplary and thorough online reputation management services for enterprise-level companies and startup business owners alike. We conduct business with all of our clients in a time-saving and cost-effective manner through virtual staff that works on projects wherever and whenever.

Our Mission

Our goal is to support our client’s efforts to reach, engage, and interact with their customers on a more productive level; provide all of our clients with outstanding services that will meet their online reputation needs. Therefore, Get Reviews mission is to ensure that our team of online professionals would always have the technology, the tools, the resources, and the right number of staff to meet our goals and accomplish our mission.

Our Commitment

Our team of professionals is committed to delivering the promised results and keeping our processes transparent. Every step of the way, we keep you updated with progress on your order. In the process, we help our clients climb the ladder to success as we build lasting relationships with them. We assure you of high service quality and a team of professionals who work with you to achieve your business objectives.

“We Have Come To Balance The Field – To Battle The Trolls And Haters, Unfair Customers, Misleading Feedback And Competition”


Our expertise in digital marketing has assisted many local businesses to achieve their goals. Read on to learn about some of the things we have accomplished for our clients.

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Clients:  Pierpoint Mortgage

Organic Search Improved:  133.53%

Year: 2015

With one of the longest mortgage industry histories, PierPoint Mortgage has been in business for over half a century.

Want To Know How We Can Help You Get

Business Leads And Positive Reviews?

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