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Industry: Auto Parts Sellers

In the quest to rank your website higher and above all, you need the support and assistance
of an expert Digital Marketer. That’s when we come into the play. Here’s how we
have helped this eCommerce website drive the right traffic.

A Focussed SEO Campaign Took Zabtha From Flat Growth To Major Boost In Organic Traffic



Egypt’s leading digital place for Auto parts.

Zabtha is a pioneer and leader in the field of genuine auto spare parts of all major brands such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, KTM, Kawasaki, and more.                                                               

Zabtha has an online eCommerce website in which they sell Auto spare parts, Engine oil and, chemicals, and motorcycle care supplies, and other auto accessories in Egypt.                                  

With the ambition to make their mark in the local market of Egypt, the brand wanted to engage with AB MEDIA TEAM to help them to optimize their website to increase brand awareness, organic traffic, and sales.

Campaign Summary


  • Increase sales

  • Content Optimization

  • Target Right Audience

  • Improve User Experience on website

  • Increase total new website visitors

  • Get higher rankings on search engines

  • Increase Organic Traffic of the website


  • Added structured data

  • Expanded Targeted Keywords

  • Optimized website for mobile

  • Targeted short tail keywords

  • Improve the customer experience

  • Optimized content with high search volume keywords

  • Build brand awareness through non-branded keywords

  • Used internal linking strategically for better site architecture

How We Achieved This Milestone

AB MEDIA TEAM made its partnership with Zabtha official in 2019. Our team facilitated the formulation of priority lists in terms of technical fixes to get the website off from the ground and made sure it crawled and indexed within search engines.                  

There were quite a few SEO elements to optimize but we knew with our SEO expertise we will start seeing results in no time. After working with us for almost 2 years, Zabtha has witnessed a 200% increase in organic traffic and a 110% increase in keyword ranking.


Delivering Result That Matters

Increase In Keywords Ranking

Keyword rankings have improved .


Increase In Organic Traffic


Witnessed doubled organic traffic and growth.

Increase In Total Visitors


Massive growth in visitors and direct website traffic.


asset 31.png


Clients:  Pierpoint Mortgage

Organic Search Improved:  133.53%

Year: 2015

With one of the longest mortgage industry histories, PierPoint Mortgage has been in business for over half a century.

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